3 & 4 years

Getting started with swimming

Exercises for first steps in water | Suitable for complete beginners


Getting used to water for beginners. All swimming stillness is based on this.

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First steps to prepare for the Kraul swimming style. Swim in a prone position.

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Getting started preparing for breast style. Coordinatively demanding exercises.

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First steps to prepare for backstroke. Swim in a supine position.

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Jumping, diving, games and other water fun. For a fun time in the water.

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Tips to improve water safety. For carefree beach holidays.

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When should children start learning to swim?

Apart from infant swimming, which starts at just 4 months of age, most children start their swimming training at the age of 3 to 4 years. Even entry-level swimming exercises are one of the most coordinatively demanding learning processes at this age. For many children, starting at the age of 4 or 5 therefore makes perfect sense.

Why should children learn to swim?

Swimming lessons for children always focus on water safety. Whether it's a hot afternoon in the swimming pool, summer holidays at the seaside or a trip to the lake. Water is everywhere and should be treated with appropriate respect. Swimming also promotes coordination, strength building and health.

What should you keep in mind?

Always check the local bathing regulations before you get in the water. Always keep an eye on your kids. Look for hypothermia symptoms. In addition to the safety aspects mentioned above, you should be patient. Children learn to swim at different speeds and every pace eventually reaches their destination. Learning to swim without stress and pressure is always the fastest way to great results.