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Teach your child how to swim in a fun way thanks to our efficient and understandable exercises.

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Use our videos and preparatory exercises to teach your child how to swim step by step.

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After a few repetitions and visits to the bath, you should already see some initial progress.

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Our philosophy
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We believe that every child should learn to swim, regardless of whether there is sufficient financial resources for swimming instructors.

About us

At Swimy, we want to pass on our passion and joy for water to you and your children.

During our many years of work as swimming instructors, it has become clear to us that swimming courses with six, ten or sometimes even fifteen participants cannot offer the individual care that children need. In addition, there are millions of children around the world who have no access to competent swimming lessons at all. Swimy was founded to help all these kids.

Our system combines research and practical experience so that you can teach your children how to swim yourself — even if you're not a swimmer. You can use our offer in addition to a conventional swimming course or teach your children how to swim from scratch. Even though our focus is clearly on children, the system can also be used by adults.

Please read the safety regulations before venturing into the cool water. Outdoor and indoor pools and water in general can be great fun, but they also pose many dangers. In the end, you are responsible for your children and must decide which steps you dare and which you do not.

We hope you enjoy the water!

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