5 to 7 years

Learn to swim

First water experience and familiarization are required.


Advanced familiarization with and use of the element water.

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Exercise series to learn the crawl style. The fastest of all types of swimming.

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Breast Stroke

Exercise series to learn the chest balance swimming style.

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Exercise series to learn back crawl.

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Jumping, diving, games and all other water pleasures.

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Exercises to improve water safety. For carefree beach holidays.

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Which swimming style is learned first.

Swimming on your back is the first thing learned in virtually all swimming instructional systems. Swimming on your back is more intuitive for many kids. In addition, children can breathe freely on their backs, eliminating one of the most difficult elements of the chest and crawl swim style.

Is my child always cold? What can I do

The water in most indoor pools is between 26 and 28 degrees, and water in outdoor pools, in the lake or in the ocean can be even colder. This is a problem for many children, especially when there is still wind. A simple option is to wear special wet suits for children. You can find a few examples in our article.

My child has no experience with water yet.

In German-speaking countries, swimming lessons usually start at the age of 4. If your child is already 5.6 or 7 and only now starts swimming lessons, that's no problem. It often even makes sense to start later. However, before you dare to do the exercises for 5 to 7 year olds, you should master the exercises for 4 year olds.