4 months to 2 years

Baby Swimming

On this page, we show you the most extensive and efficient exercises.

First Steps

Exercises for absolute beginners in baby swimming.

Exercise 1 | from 4 months

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On The Belly

Very helpful exercise to learn how to swim quickly later.

Exercise 2 | from 6 months

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On The Back

Exercise to get used to water on your back.

Exercise 3 | from 3 months

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Water habituation exercise. However, there are also risks.

Exercise 4 | from 4 months

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Very demanding exercise to learn how to be self-employed.

Exercise 5 | from 6 months

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The risks and challenges of baby swimming are discussed here.

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When should infants start learning how to swim?

Baby swimming is generally suitable for children 4 months for the first two years of life. Early training in water gives your children an advantage in later swimming lessons.

Why should infants learn to swim?

Infant swimming promotes water acceptance and motor development in babies at an early stage, while at the same time strengthening a positive parent-child bond.

What should you keep in mind?

When swimming for infants, it is important to monitor the water temperature, take a gentle approach, and ensure that the environment is child-safe. Parents should also ensure that the activities are age-appropriate and respect their baby's needs.